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Going Viral - The Podcast

Dec 5, 2022

The coronavirus pandemic raised significant questions about public trust: trust in science, trust in politicians and trust in the public health messaging. Today Mark and his guests Anjana Ahuja; Sarah Cunningham-Burley; Charles Kwaku-Odoi and Christina Pagel discuss trust during the Covid-19 pandemic for this Going Viral special, produced in collaboration with the UK Pandemic Ethics Accelerator.

Presented by Mark Honigsbaum @honigsbaum


Anjana Ahuja

Anjana Ahuja is a contributing writer on science for the Financial Times, offering weekly opinion on significant developments in global science, health and technology.  Last year she co-authored the bestselling ‘Spike: The Virus Vs The People’ - the inside story of the Covid-19 pandemic with Sir Jeremy Farrar. Spike was shortlisted for the 2022 Orwell Prize for Political Writing and the 2022 Royal Society Science Book Prize.  /  @anjahuja

Professor Sarah Cunningham-Burley

Sarah is Professor of Medical and Family Sociology and Dean of Molecular, Genetic and Population Health Sciences at the University of Edinburgh. Sarah led on work around engaging the public as part of the UK Pandemic Ethics Accelerator which finished its work in August 2022. She brought together members of the public to consider ethical issues arising during the Covid-19 pandemic. / @Sarah_C_Burley 

Rev Charles Kwaku-Odoi

Charles is Chief Officer of the Caribbean and African Health Network (CAHN) and a Deputy Lieutenant (DL) of the county of Greater Manchester. Charles works to bring equity and fairness across a range of important health and wellbeing issues for people of the Caribbean and African Diaspora. He sits on a wide range of local and national governance boards including Macc (Manchester Community Central), Faith Network for Manchester, SAGE Ethnicity Subgroup, Greater Manchester Voluntary Community & Social Enterprise (VCSE) Leadership Group, Coalition of Race Equality (CORE) Organisations.  /  @charleskod

Professor Christina Pagel

Christina Pagel is a Mathematician and Professor of operational research at University College London within UCL's Clinical Operational Research Unit, which applies operational research, data analysis and mathematical modelling to topics in healthcare. / @chrischirp

Series Producer: Melissa FitzGerald @Melissafitzg

Co-producer: Kate Jopling  @katejopling

Cover art by Patrick Blower.

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This episode of Going Viral on trust during the pandemic, has been produced in collaboration with the UK Pandemic Ethics Accelerator, which was funded by the UKRI Covid-19 research and innovation fund.


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