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Going Viral: The Mother of all Pandemics

Sep 19, 2018

The disease detectives investigate Britain’s only memorial to the Spanish flu pandemic, which leads them to the diary of flu fighter Dr. Basil Hood - offering a rare insight into the experiences of the brave medics who served on the frontline of the 1918 influenza pandemic.

Presented by Mark Honigsbaum @honigsbaum and Hannah Mawdsley @HannahMawdsley


Professor John Oxford, Blizzard Institute, Queen Mary College, London. Scientific Director, Oxford Media Medicine

You can visit the ‘Influenza Pandemic Window – Heroes and Heroines of 1918-19’ in the medical library of the Royal London Hospital.

Dr. Basil Hood’s diary can be viewed by appointment at the Wellcome Collection.

‘Spanish Flu: Nursing During History’s Deadliest Pandemic’ is running from 21st September 2018 – 16th June 2019 at The Florence Nightingale Museum, London

The series is produced by Melissa FitzGerald @Melissafitzg

Cover art by Patrick Blower

Dr. Basil Hood voiced by Will Huggins

‘Going Viral’ is supported by Wellcome / @wellcometrust

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